Thank you to all my wonderful and loyal clients for helping me celebrate 10 years in business. Many years ago I decided to open a spa, something less commercial. I created this spa with techniques and healing tools that I have learned from graduating esthetic school, continuing my education, teaching esthetics, traveling and studying as well as my intuition. My art is in brazilian waxing, anti-aging techniques from all over the world and healing and guided meditation. I have done over 15,000 brazilians and believe that you will be shocked how quick and almost pain free I can make this! I hope to give my clients more than a service but a time to talk, heal, laugh, and cry. Each client means so much to me because we have shared so much with each other over the years. One reason I started this business is because I wanted the flexibility to be part of my family's business. I like horse racing but I love giving back to the race horses and retired race horses. My family is 4 generations deep in horse racing. My goal with my spa is to create a "My Little Secret Equine Therapy Spa." Every bottle of my essential oil that is sold goes to creating that dream. At some point down the road I hope to have a horse sanctuary where the public can get their hands on horses and see the energy a horse gives to this world. It's pure love and is a natural holistic cure to life's problems.


I believe in energy, I believe in God and Angels and I believe that what you put out into this world you receive one way or another. Energy is real. Intuition is real. We all live on different frequencies. I experienced a near-death experience that changed my life forever. A complete miracle.  I should not be alive today but I experienced the other side and it is so real. I am glad that the past year before my accident I have been focusing on God, Gratitude, and increasing my intuition and connection to the other side.

With all this being said I have created  "The Brittany Wilfong Energy Healing," and I know I can help heal the world with it. People and Animals. If you know someone who has been through trauma, pain or suffering send them my way. I will help heal their mind, body and soul through my oil, meditation, crystal therapy, sound healing and somatic healing techniques. I will guide them toward their guardian angel and connect them to the other side. I work with this daily and know it will bring a lot of comfort to you. If your interested schedule a meditation and energy healing. May God shine his light on you and you accept him in your life before you return to the other side.